Printing - Answers too faint

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Until recently printing the exams the answer would print in a solid colour, now it is shaded. This makes it very difficult for those with sight issues to mark the papers. Is there a way to ensure the selected answers are a bold colour and not semi-faded? (The circles)


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Second that; responses are hard to read even on screen, regardless of browser. Please change.
I don't suppose one of the Senior Programming Managers can assist? Or can someone let me know how to escalate this issue?

Exactly the same issue i have, we print the form and its so faint its awful. Can this please get fixed. 

Just want to add my request to these. I can't see the responses on screen, cannot find an option in the settings to change the colours, changing browser to dark doesn't help, print to PDF is unhelpful.

Settings on radio buttons are fine -- if the tick boxes could simply match the radio buttons for colour I would be very happy!



I would also like to see this issue addressed.  We need to use the printouts for data entry into a database system.  The selected responses are so faint it will cause eye-strain.  We will likely NOT use Microsoft forms and continue using paper forms because of this.