One of my forms does not load

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One of my forms does not load on a desktop browser (tested on Chrome & Safari). It shows a background image but no content.


Screen Shot 2563-09-25 at 11.32.48.png


The problem seems to occur on mobile, too. But the language switcher works and switching languages makes things run properly.




Still have a problem with the desktop version.


My other forms work properly.

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Same issue started last week for me.

Have you find a solution ?
I just found out what it won't load unless your OS is in English. Easiest way to try is with an iPhone. Any form that has multi language selection won't load if you are not in English. Per example, I have a form English/French: 1. iOS in English = Form loads right away, switching MS Forms to French the form appears too. 2. iOS in French = Forms loads blank but the language selection appears at the top and it displays French since it detects the OS language. Switching MS Form to English, suddenly the form loads, Switching MS Form back to French it loads too. So if MS Forms detects that your OS is not English and has a matching language to display the form, it will actually pull the right information about the OS language but cannot load the form because it looks like its expecting to load the English. On page load, MS Forms cannot load another language at all. Is someone from Microsoft even looking in here ? ETA on a fix ? Reaching out to thousands of users on the fields for us is ridiculous as we use this to allow any one within the company and externally has a COVID checklist. This is critical for us.

The problem has not been solved.

I sent emails to all respondents asking them to access the form via mobile only.