Office forms - unable to load the 6th loading question

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Use case 

I have a question regarding Microsoft form. My use case requires loading one picture after each multiple-choice question in the survey. This means that there are 10 multiple-choice questions and 10 file loading questions in the same survey, with each file loading question requiring only one picture of the minimal size possible.



I have conducted a simple test where I answered each question with the same small image. However, I encountered a problem where I am unable to load a file when answering the 6th file loading question and beyond. Can you please advise me on how to resolve this issue?




Error message in English : The downloaded file(s) have expired or are damaged. Please download them again.


- There is no problem if I have only 5 file loading question in my survey

- I tried to suppress the question that brings the error, the error appears then at question 7 



Is there a maximum number of file loading question in a survey ? 

Is there a workaround for my issue ? 


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