Notifications issue in Microsoft Forms

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I'm newly creating a form for the first time, and in all the trainings I see mentions about turning on notifications so that every time a respondent submits the form I can be notified by email, or additionally, that respondents can have their response emailed to them. However, in the settings on the form, I don't have a section about notifications at all. Am I missing something?

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@Allie111 have you tried it on a different browser? It is normally there under the options for responses in your screenshot:



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@RobElliott thank you for the suggestion. It turns out that my organization has turned the notification feature off for some reason, but I'm attending a drop-in meeting later this afternoon to hear what their suggested work-around is. But thank you so much for responding!

@Allie111 I have the same problem, what was resolution for you?