Not Showing All Questions on Form to Recipients

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I created a Form back in March which was working flawlessly until the past couple weeks. This form has 9 questions and all 9 questions were viewable to the user of the form for quite some time, then it decided to drop the last 3 questions randomly they would show back up every once and awhile, but now the don't show up at all.

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The same is happening to me, it's completely random! I have 23 questions and the recipients can just see the first 6, without any specific reason. Please help!

I had a form with the max of 100 questions and it would only show me 2 total. I copied the form and created a new form and got the same result. However when I deleted some questions and added them back on it started working again. I am not for sure who what when were or why but it worked. This just happened today 5/8/20.