No access to created forms (error 632)

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Several of my forms as well as others shared with me, disappeared from my dashboard.

When I click on the link first it appeared error 632 but now the error message is the one attached:

"We're setting up Microsoft Forms for you for the first time. We'll be ready in just a few minutes."

Already tried company support but they redirected me to MS Forms support... Already searched and it seems that there are several people with this problem but no one knows what this is...
Can someone please help me on this?
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Hi Daniela

When you say company support, are you talking your company or Microsoft support?

If it was Microsoft support did you log a ticket to see if they can retrieve your missing forms?


Hi Damien,


Many thanks for the reply.


I asked my company support but it seems the app Forms is not included in the pack for their support. So yes, I believe I need to raise a ticket directly to Microsoft. Do you know where I can do that?




Hi @Daniela Soares


Good question. According to the Microsoft website "Your subscription is part of a work or school account, which means you need to contact your Office 365 administrator for support or search for answers to common issues in our community forums."


If you fit in that criteria, your support guys should be taking up the case for you through their admin portal.


Edit: You might also have luck posting on as they are usually pretty awesome with responses and getting someone from Microsoft to take a look at the problem.


But I might get a second opinion on this as I've never had to directly raise a ticket with Microsoft before (my support guys do all that heavy lifting).


@Deletedis super awesome at this stuff. Any ideas?




Thank you so much Damien. I really hope Christopher can support with his experience. This is really important stuff that I should be able to recover.




Sorry. I’m not as fluent with forms as I would like. Never personally seen this issue or heard of it. It almost seems like someone removed your license the way it’s acting which is odd. There isn’t a whole lot of tools etc. yet to really troubleshoot forms. There is one option to turn it on or off on admin and assign licenses that’s about it.

Only admins can submit tickets unfortunately. Sorry, wish I had the answer :(.

Thanks @Deleted. Admins doing the tickets was the main thing I wanted to confirm as that's how I have always had them done.


Really appreciate your consult. You're my favourite person to tag into things haha!




Thanks Damien & Christopher!