Need to add "Comment" to a Question.

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I am making a questionnaire in Microsoft Forms.  There is one question and 5 choices.  I would like to add a text box under the same question number for the respondent to provide additional information.  I don't see how to add the text "Comment:     " and a block for text without adding another question number and text that says "Provide additional information in response to Question #1".


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Hi @JackDog343 


There's currently no feature that will do that as far as I know.


Your option to have an additional question after the first multiple choice question appears to be the only way forward for now.


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Hi @JackDog343,

Uservoice open for it here

Quite a few votes, would recommend you vote to push it up the agenda.

Workaround, as stated is to have the choice question and text the section but frame the section question as required.

Let’s hope that uservoice is picked up in the future. Would like to see this.

Best, Chris

Hi Folks,

There is a second UserVoice asking for this exact comment functionality with 725 votes at time of writing. Hopefully Microsoft might pick this up soon.



@Dave Heffernan 


That second UserVoice may have more votes but its packed full of spambot ads for escort agencies. Needs to be sorted out as its detracting from a really useful feature.



This is possible if you use branching but it still requires another question. 









Ho did you add more than one question on the form ?

I only have this screen in Forms inside Teams:

Bildschirmfoto 2021-06-10 um 18.20.10.png



@Blogbuchstabe you can't have branching with the Forms app in Teams, you need to use the full web version.


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Does anyone know if this was ever resolved? I cannot see this functionality but it's an obvious one so hoping it has been added - it's a feature in other survey tools and regularly used. TIA

@EMTynan no, it hasn't been added yet.


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That is super disappointing and frustrating
Just for everyone's awareness the new uservoice is here

Up to a couple of thousand votes. Think when I originally looked it was a couple of hundred

Best, Chris

Are there any updates on this? I recently needed this feature and it seems the need for it hasn't diminished, but it's still not available. @Christopher Hoard 

@ALKoltz that's right, it's still not available.


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Hi all!


The uservoice has been moved to the new feedback forum and is open here


Have "Add comments" on Forms · Community (


Would vote up on it, but of course not available currently with no ETA. 


Best, Chris


Branching is a great way to add comments.


So let's say you have 5 questions.  Each Question has a branch.  The branch is your comment box.  So then there are 10 questions in your survey.  Q1 with a branch to Q2 which is a text question (can choose long form) that is your comment box.  Q3 with a branch to Q4 which is the comment box for Q3.  To make it like a true comment box, make sure the branching questions are optional.



This feature has been requested since M.S. Forms was out but, still nothing. The thousands of votes on the previous platform "UserVoice" were NOT TRANSFERRED TO "FeedbackPortal"and the new request there, also with thousands of votes, (, mysteriously disappeared after being locked to add responses for a long while first.
I think M.S. cannot do it! :D
Use Google Forms, they are WAY BETTER, FREE FOR ALL and PAIN ON THE NECK FREE.



The question asked in 2019 but till now the Microsoft has done nothing 

This is such a popular and simple feature for MS to add to forms. Please do this! We need to have a way to add a 'comment or add more' text box to each 'choice or statement' question.

@christineSD there are several requests for this on the official Microsoft Feedback portal which you can vote for, for example the one here.


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