Need the ability for external users to upload files into MS Forms

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Afternoon all,

Our company has some lengthy bid tenders to carry out.  MS forms is the perfect way for potential external  suppliers to fill in the form and for us to capture the repsonses.  However external users cannot use the upload file feature in MS Forms.  Why is this?  Is there a way to switch it on?  If not do we know if its a feature that is likely to be implemented soon?

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@dafur89 no, there are no updates.


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This is just one more example of where the ability to setup "trusted domains" would be so useful. It would help so much having the possibility to add trusted external and have them work as internal users so that we could invite them to Teams, send them files in Teams chats, receive their files via Forms, have them in the Exchange contact list, ... for example. So many of Microsoft features are blocked for external and it is so limiting that we can't collaborate with trusted external organizations. Do you know if Google have those functionnalities?
This is unbelievable. Ultimately, when you find yourself in a situation where you need to share a form with a customer and enable them to upload files, what suggestions do you have?
Management went a different way than Forms for our need. I was going to just embed a file request link to OneDrive that was going to achieve the same result. I tested it, and it worked, it just wasn't as elegant as I think it should be.

Need this feature.


This disappointing. 

@RobElliott Where the information or article about this?

@MedeiroZZ what article are you trying to find?

FFS Microsoft. What kind of asinine logic made you think that restricting FORM features to a required login is a good idea?
The whole point of a Form is to gather information and files DO contain information.

Please REMOVE restrictions for file uploads so that forms become usable for basic functionality.
Agreed. Google Forms allow it.
Microsoft should definitely add the feature, it would prevent having to do double work by emailing every supplier we have the form when using it. If the company did not require us to use Microsoft Forms we would probably find a way to send surveys.
that's why i have instructed my users to use google form instead since Microsoft stubbornly to implement this
I wish the company I work for would allow us to do so as well it would make things so much more organized and efficient.

Seriously! I have just spent hours building a form, only to find out external users cannot upload files. What a complete waste of time.

Please sort this out Microsoft!!



Many clients would love to use file uploads with external partners.
I hope this feature will be added next year.



This is the need of the hour, it has been ages since this is requested by people. Other vendors like Zoho Forms has this as well as a better way to execute the requirement. Not sure what is the challenge that Microsoft has to go through to put this to the backburner.



@RobElliott totalmente de acuerdo, necesitamos esta característica habilitada en los forms

@David Sentelle can you walk me through how you did that?

@khaganman I just put a link in the form that pointed to the URL in a file request, which was setup to allow anyone to submit a file through. Instructions here:

@David Sentelle that doesn’t resolve the issue though. It’s much easier to have uploads in a single form, as opposed to going to external sites to upload! 

Microsoft need to sort their sh*t out!