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Is there a way you can set a flow to receive a notification when a specific NPS score is received  for a survey?



  • If you receive an NPS score of below 6 then send a notification to a nominated email address.
  • If you receive an NPS score of 9 or 10 then automatically ask the person to complete a google review (provide the link if possible). 



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@allenr - yes, you could totally do this. I have written about NPS before in relation to Forms Pro. Although there is a lot in this article that you likely don't want/need, there are parts that should help.


I also have another post coming out tomorrow on my site that shows how to create things (which you could do an email) when the NPS score comes in. 

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You can create NPS detail chart and set conditions to perform specific actions (like send notification and email) using Excel Add-in named ChartExpo for Excel.

I would recommend you ChartExpo visualization tool because it's dashboard is very simple and no coding skills required to set conditions.

Excel add-in:

Google Sheets Add-on:

Sharing a video tutorial on how to create NPS chart using ChartExpo.


I hope this will help you.

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