MS Forms Network Connection Error

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I am trying to create a MS form to collect response for work support requests.

However, when I type the the title of the form, I keep getting an error message at the top of the screen that says, "Some of your changes were not saved. Please check your network connection or try again later."  Additionally, the Saving icon in the top right corner continues to spin.  As a result the Form is not saved and can not be completed.


I checked with others in my office and they have the same issue. Any Ideas on what this could be? Any potential fixes? My Job's IT dept is stumped.


PS: Is MS Forms being phased out?  I keep seeing references to MS Forms Pro in the community blogs...

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Our customer is having same issue. Anyone has news about that problem?  

@Tomáš Koplík  My users are having the same problem.  We have a lot of Spanish speaking staff so HR is trying to translate an existing form and having many problems saving,  We also are not having any network problems.




Any news or updates would be appreciated.  Thank you.


In our case, we found out that need to be excluded in SSL inspection in the firewall. then everyone were able to submit the forms.

Hope that will help you