MS Forms - embedded stream vidoes for externals don't work

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Hi all,

In short, I want to use Forms to create exams that will then be sent/released to people outside of our organization.

If I add a video now (with the buildin Stream URL feature), external people get an access error (access denied) or they have to sign in with a Microsoft account.


Sharing from Stream itself with the appropriate link works without any problems, but if I embed the video using Forms (insert video URL), I have the above result.


Has anyone ever gotten this to work and if so how?


Edit: The exam itself works fine, just the embedded video is not shown and goes with this errors.


Kind regards

Lutz Georgi

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I've spent hours trying to get Microsoft Stream videos to work in forms. I'll get it to work for a bit, and then later it says the user needs to log in to view the video, and when they log in, nothing happens. Several browsers, permissions changes, everything. Simply is broken. Forms is so half-baked and useless. 


Also, if you use YouTube videos instead of stream then it seems to work fine. However, for me, I cannot upload internal corporate videos to a public site such as YouTube.

Yes, thats a pitty.

I read somewhere that Stream actually have problems to share videos in Forms without any permissions (for external exams for example). I played also around and tried to use OneDrive links (what sometimes seems to work better than the Stream URL's). But i still have issues that even logged in users can't see the videos because different sharepoint errors (mostly permission errors) or the browsers need to open the video in a new tab (Firefox).

And all this without any use of a complicated permission system in our organisation. Just make a form, put a video on Stream, share it with "Organisation Members" and then share the form with them. After all this i have 4 different results on 4 different browsers. Sorry Microsoft, but this is a mess.

I also spend alot of time to make nice forms for externals. Totaly senceless..

Don't get me wrong, in my eyes MS Forms is a really nice software and works like a charm - until u try to put a simple video in it :(