Missing reference to regarding field in submitted response


Hi All,


I am using Microsoft Forms Pro to create a survey. While capturing the response for a survey I would like to uniquely identify it as in I would be interested to know for which request this response was sent. 

It seems currently Microsoft Forms does not provide such capability. 

I am making use of Forms Pro connector in flow and populating 'Regarding' field while sending the survey. I would like to receive the value of 'Regarding' field while capturing the response. Please refer to the attached screenshots. 


In Forms response I can just receive the answers to the questions. What if I am sending out a customer survey on completion of a CRM service request and would like to know for which request I have received these responses. 


Will really appreciate a quick help on this.

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Hi @VrushaliM you could use Flow to create a new SharePoint list item with the response answers and add a column for the form title.

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