Microsoft forms: Something went wrong. Please try again.

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Hi I'm trying to submit a form that I created but the same error message keeps showing up. 



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Thanks for raising your issue.

That’s a pretty generic error with not a lot to go on. Does it occur if you create a new form?

My recommendation is if it doesn’t and works with other forms is to create a new form. If it happens on all forms you create to raise a ticket to Microsoft

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

Hi Chris, 


Thanks for your reply, let me furnish this post with more information. I'm currently creating a tool that allows for users to upload files but I'm unable to submit my own entry during testing. I've tried refreshing the page but I'm unable to start afresh, nor am I able to submit the entry. However, some of the uploads have appeared in my onedrive (but not all) 


The issue is that this form has more than 30 questions with at least 25 file upload questions and it can be quite tedious for the user to go through the entire questionnaire again and re-upload every single file, and it can be confusing for me if the files are uploaded into my onedrive when the questionnaire cannot be submitted. 


If this is happening to me, it might happen to the users who use my form. Is this due to the number of file upload questions? 

Hi Laura

This may give you some guidance

As you can see because you’ve created it as a personal form the files submitted will go into your OneDrive. So you’ll need to recreate as a group form so they go into SharePoint. In addition, if I am reading correctly the maximum amount of attachments is 10 which may be the reason not all are showing up.

I don’t think Forms is natively used to mass upload files but the article should help you go in the right direction.

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 


Hi Chris, 


Thanks for the quick reply. I understand that there is a limit of 10 files per question type, but is the limit to the number of file uploads fields the same? I.E I can either have 10 file upload fields, or 1 file upload field with 10 files uploaded? 


In addition, I've duplicated the form as per your suggestion and have come up with different error messages when trying to submit a response: 

1. Your response exceeds the limit. Try shortening some of your answers. [I only have 2 questions with a text box and I only input 2 words in each of those text boxes]

2. Uploaded file(s) expired. Please upload it(them) again. [I am unable to tell which file has expired] 


Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!