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I was wondering if anyone could please provide a clear step by step guide.


The intention is to have a form ive created be sent to a dedicated email address without it notifying my own email address each time a response is created.


I'll ballpoint


  • Form to email a particular email address not any others including my own which created the form
  • The subject of the email to reflect the label of the incident that occurred

What i have done is used flow email forward v3 however because i created the form all it is doing is sending me the link for the response and another follow-up email to unsubscribe to it.


I don't want the responses notifying me and don't want it to send another email asking if i desire to unsubscribe.


Ideal flow:


Form is filled out -> sends a notification to designated email (not my own) 


thanks in advance!!!!!!!!


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@h0m1ez ok for this example we've got a simple incident report form:




The settings are just as follows:



Open Power Automate, go to My Flows then click New and select Instant - from blank. Click Skip on the next page.


For the trigger select the Forms trigger "When a new response is submitted". Select your form from the dropdown.


Next add the Forms action "Get response details". Again select the form from the dropdown. Click in the Response ID field and from the dynamic content box that opens on the right of the screen select the only item that's there which is Response Id.




The next step, the Compose control is only needed if you want to change the format of the date the incident took place. Forms will save it as 2020-10-28 but I want it in UK format 28/10/2020. So add a Compose action, click in the Inputs field and the dynamic content box will appear on the right. Click on the Expression tab. IN the field start typing format and select formatDateTime then add a open bracket/parenthesis ( and the closing one will be added automatically. Click the Dynamic Content tab and select the question that holds the date. Then add a comma, then add the format you want inside single quotes making sure you use capital MM for the month. So the expression will end up looking like this:

formatDateTime(outputs('Get_response_details')?['body/r819c65969b864928ad05076aab7e62a1'], 'dd/MM/yyyy')




Finally add a Send an email (v2) action. This will send the email from you but it can go to any address. In this example I've sent it to a shared mailbox in my company. For the subject you can select the incident question from the dynamic content box. Then add in the text and the questions. Open the advanced options at the bottom of the email, and change the importance to Normal or High. Annoyingly it defaults to Low.




The when someone submits the form it will send the email to that email address but not to your inbox.




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@RobElliott Thank you for providing me that information i sincerely appreciate the time you took to help me out. 


I've noticed that i am unable to forward the email to an outside source such as **** would i need to add that email address to my organization sorry if i am sounding like a newb i do pick up things fast and fairly new to business 365.


Again i do genuinely appreciate the assistance you've provided as it benefits those with mental health disabilities. (i provide mental health support)



@RobElliott I figured it out. woohoo!! again thankyou mate for the assistance!!!