Microsoft Forms External Sharing Disabled

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After enabling file attachment in the microsoft forms, the external sharing is disabled. Is that possible to share the form with outside organization people.






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@s_glech no, there's no news yet on when external form users will be able to upload files.


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No response from the microsoft team, Even escalated on user voice. I don`t why the rolled out without this feature:thinking_face:. 


Most probably this is done for security reasons to prevent data exfiltration form your organisation.

@iyad I know, but it does not help with impatient C-suite breathing down my neck and asking why something that they did without any issues with Google Suite is such a big problem with Microsoft.

I found a third-party app that claims it can do it and I'm tempted to try and add it to our tenant, but that's an extra expense.



The thing here is that you can share the forms with "External" as long as you don't have any "question that requires uploading Files, if you do have any then it will be disabled by default (since is a security issue).


Forms with uploading files are only ON (inside the tenant, so for users within the tenant that are members of your AAD).

@j0rt3g4  Yes i know that we can`t share the form with file attachment for outside organization on the microsoft forms. But, We seeking that option should be enabled like google forms.



@Sakthisp Just sharing my experience and a potential work around which works in my scenario.  I set up a form to capture new client data for KYC checks, with that comes the requirement to upload proof of ID documents. So in my MS Form I add a "Text" section, in the question box I put some detail about what type of document is required etc.  I then created a Sharepoint folder, lets call it "Client upload" folder.  I then simply create and copy the link, set to share with anyone, then paste the link into the relevant forms "Text" box. The Form recipient receives the form and the link appears in the question field, there is obviously a click through in order to upload the document instead of attaching within the form itself, the document then ends up in my sharepoint folder.


The problem with this is that the recipient could still potentially click through the question without uploading a document, but it will work in some scenarios, like in mine where if the recipient doesn't upload a document I can easily work out who it is and ask them to do it, as I am only sending the form to one or two people at a time.

Hope this helps

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Thanks for sharing your creative workaround, @jasoncoppen.  That might actually work for my purpose too.  Better than nothing.


Wish we just had some acknowledgement of if this will be fixed and when.  If you knew it was pending, I would wait. If I knew it a year away, I might pursue something alternative.

Spent ages working on a form and then to find the upload function is disabled :(


Sort this out Microsoft as the form creation is brilliant for a novice like me.

@Jemlocks Arrggggg... I just had the same. Created a form with heaps of sections and branching only to find out the upload won't work externally.  Super annoyed at Microsoft right now and will revert back to a Google form that will do this!

This feature would help my organization a lot.  I understand it's probably for security reasons, but I can share a SharePoint team site with someone outside of my organization and they can upload files to can someone please explain the difference?  I have also uploaded files with other organizations and the file is verified before being submitted so why can't Microsoft do the same (something like the ATP scan for e-mails)? I also noticed Microsoft will allow us to upload files to this forum.  There must be security options in place, can that be used in forms?




Let’s have O365 admin setting option instead for config of file transfer.
Really hope that this feature comes ASAP there are so many reasons to enable this.

It looks like this has been on here for two years with no resolution! Has anyone heard an update?





Yes the resolution is simple.

you need to remove ANY question that "upload a file", and the option will be up again.

Right, but I need the external source to upload a spreadsheet via the form @j0rt3g4 

Exactly, my organization could really use this too!

@NickiBeth Yep, unfortunately, it is still not possible for externals to upload a file via a MS Form.  Its really very frustrating as we have needed this for over a year now. No updates on this either that I know of.  All they say is Vote on it :face_with_steam_from_nose:  Google forms allows this btw to externals with a Google account.

Then that's the issue.

The issue simply is that being an external user (or worst a PUBLIC anonymous user) they simply can't upload a file into your Sharepoint or Onedrive,

Can you see the formula for disaster there? if any uploads another stuff or an infected file or PDF or whatever you're requesting with a virus all the company will suffer the consequences, so I don't think this will be enabled in future, especially with people that don't know how to handle an email and not to click to every single link they see ... (honest opinion).