Microsoft Forms External Sharing Disabled

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After enabling file attachment in the microsoft forms, the external sharing is disabled. Is that possible to share the form with outside organization people.






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@Sakthisp If you have File Upload field in your form, it must be for users in your org only.


The form can be anonymous, for use externally, but not with the file upload field.

@Kevin Crossman  Thanks for the reply.

Is there any other way to achieve my goal(Forms should be share anonymous people with file upload) 

Anyone know if there are plans to change this? Limiting to internal users limits the utility substantially.

It would be extremely useful if Microsoft Forms could allow file upload when the form is shared externally or at least if it would let you specify the external individuals. Google Forms have this function. 

@HinachanI totally agree for the need to allow file upload option in Foms… Just very disappointing that external chosen contributors to my data collecting through my forms can't access it… therefore ruining the time we took to create it in office 365... can this be corrected soon pleaaaaaaaaase  @microsoft ? :)



Have you gotten any word back from Microsoft about allow external users to upload files on a form? MS has gone silent on this, not sure if I need to look at another vendor. 





No, I have not get any feed back from Microsoft, This is not first time from them. I don`t know why they are releasing these kind of unmatured product functionality to public usage.

Rah, sad to see this, I was all happy to build my form for external, when I suddenly discovered we cannot add files when for external use....

Hope Microsoft will open it soon!



Completely agree that the ability to upload externally is needed. Most people within an organisation have ways of sharing files to colleagues etc. What I want is a way of having people transfer files to us from outside the organisation. Forms is perfect for this.

@Stuart_Morgan very disappointing I was so excited when I saw that we finally have this functionality and only to find that it doesn't work outside the organization. Microsoft really need to get a move on this. Since its already done internally what is stopping it when it is done externally?

@Kevin Crossman Isn't it an optional? How it is disabled, so why?

@Ozansta The way the product works is that you have file uploads then the users have to sign in which means it's internal only.

@Kevin CrossmanYes, I can see that with file upload it can only be used internally, but any clue why? Does it have anything to do with the fact that uploads are sent to Form Owner's OneDrive, or for Forms tied to Groups, to that Groups SharePoint library?

Is it something that can be addressed with settings, or is it hard-coded to be like that?

@TadeuszKM it's hard-coded like that by Microsoft and can't be changed in Settings.


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Unfortunately, it's a typical modus operandi for Microsoft. They always begin with an announcement of BIG features, shortly followed by limited and/or dysfunctional product release. For many years I have wondered how they manage to stay in business?

@Kevin Crossman file upload seems to work well now in 2020 but the forms uploaded into teams cannot be view in teams.

I made sure to set it to "anyone with link" but the setting in forms changes to "only in organisation" the first time you load the form in teams but even after you change it back, it still doesn't load in teams.

Loads fine when share in the chat.

Totaly agree with you. We need this function, cause without it forms is useless@Sakthisp 

Google Forms,
I’m back..

Are there already any improvements of this? I need a form where externals can upload files. Otherwise the form is useless and I have to go back and send excel sheets and docs back and forth via email.


Thanks for any infos