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Microsoft Forms Disappearing - "Sorry, something went wrong"

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Our organization has recently moved over to Microsoft Forms. We appreciate the easy-to-use interface.


Over the last month, we've created 21 new Microsoft Forms. To date, we've had 4 of them disappear on us. When I click on a collaborate (while logged into 365), I get this error message:



When I click on a link for "Send and collect responses" that has been made accessible for anyone, I get a 404 error:



Is it common that almost 20% of your forms disappear? What am I (or a collaborator) doing to make the forms disappear? I can't effectively do my work if I have to consistently replace 20% of my forms.

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@Satrupananda it's not common to lose 20% of your forms, in 3 years I don't recall ever losing one of the hundreds we've created. But problems can occur if you moved a form from being a personal form to a group form. So that's one thing to look at. 


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