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Hi, i was challenged after producing a survey on MS forms after emailing a guarantee with the link that all respondants would remain anonymous with the following claims. (1) information on the responder can be read by the Author
(2) Anyone outside of my organization (my State School) with the link can respond to the survey
(3) Anyone with the link can respond multiple times using different devices
I am sure the settings were right to create anonymity i have attached the screen shot of the settings. Any assistance is appreciated as I’m a little embarrassed that I might have given false assurances.
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@Smithysmith the way you've got your settings is incorrect as to anonymity and shows a) that only people in your organization (school) can respond and you will be able to see who submitted each response, and therefore b) people outside your organization are not able to submit the form at all. You can't mix the 2 settings. To make the form anonymous you must select the "Anyone with a link can respond". You will then not be able to read any information about the responder whether or not they are in your organisation, it will be totally anonymous.


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