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 Hello All ,

I am searching some good measures to launch a IT VoC Survey in the Organization itself.

So I had few questions regarding Microsoft Forms & Microsoft Forms Pro.

1. What is the limit for responses in  Forms &  Forms Pro ?

2. What are additional features in Forms Pro over Forms ?

3. Can a team of 3-5 members use a single account as an admin so that they all can manage it together ?

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Hi @Gaurav1905 


Question 1: limits are at


Question 2: for details of the differences between forms and Forms Pro go to


Question 3:  you can give the Share to Collaborate link to all of your team so they can edit the form. A team of 3-5 people is no problem.


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Hi @RobElliott

Thank . your answers did helped for sure.

Had few more questions hope you would help on them too.

1. There's a limitation of 50,000 responses in Microsoft forms,

  • So is there a way by which we can achieve our target of getting 50k+ responses from inside our Organization without any loss of data ?

2. What's the max size limit of a file allowed that would store the responses?

3. Can there be a customized theme option that we could provide in our Survey?