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I've been tasked to create a form with a drop down list of 3000 options

I'm able to copy and paste the list of options into Microsoft Form. 

However, the form would not save and the drop down list does not work on mobile phone

When it is preview in the testing environment, the drop down list is working, but when the link is shared to someone else, the respondent was not able to view the drop down list at all. What was shown to the respondent is option 1 and option 2 only.

Hoping to get some great ideas to this issue. 

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See article

It is not 100% clear on this functionality. What we know

- Drop down view doesn’t work on mobile, there is a user voice open for this

- There may be a limit to the number of options - yet there is nothing I can find on these forums or in official docs suggesting a limit. We know it’s at least 750 as it worked in that article

- Doesn’t look like it works if you have the multiple answers selected so you will need to turn that off

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chria

Hi @Jernyn_Ho from a usability perspective a dropdown with 3000 items would be a nightmare. If I had been asked to do this my immediate reaction would be to look at using a Power Apps form with cascading dropdowns.


A very simple example I produced linked to a SharePoint list was for a user to select a county in the UK and the following dropdown contained just those towns and villages in that county. So although the list of towns and villages was several thousand long, a user only ever saw a much smaller number relevant to the earlier selection.




So something along those lines would be my recommendation for achieving what you've been asked to do.


Los Gallardos
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@RobElliott Did you do this in Microsoft Forms or Sharepoint Forms?

@Keen_Hon it was a Power Apps form with a SharePoint list as the data source.


Los Gallardos
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Hi Rob ,
It was really a good insight. Could you please share the process of drop down listings based on input of another field? I am trying to create a conditional drop down in MS forms like your attached snip. 
Thanks in advance.