Limit number of questions in a Form?

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I am editing a Form and can't add questions anymore. The button to do so just turned grey; I have 95 questions and need to add 40 others... I have tried different browsers and they are up to date. 


I believe 95 is the max number of quetsions we can put in a Form, then?




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I have just hit the same (unstated) limit with two forms and, as a result, have gone back to an alternative option that doesn't have these limits.

The limits were:

  • The number of options per multiple choice question (11 seems to be the maximum so we tried to split the questions in two, which was less than optimal)
  • The number of questions (the option to create a new question greyed out after 17, but this seems to be something to do with the total number of questions and options than questions).

For really simple surveys, Forms may be useful. But for bigger surveys with many response options, Forms has limits.

I just did a quick test around the number of questions and multiple choice options.  


Number of Questions

The form allowed me to add 100 questions.  After that, the Add  question button became disabled.


Multiple Choice Options

I was able to add over 100 responses to a question.  There was an error that appeared on top of the page, but it still let me add the choices nonetheless.Multiple Choice.png


When I try to submit the survey, it displays all the options.  However, if I check off (or select for single answer) any option after 60, it puts the answer into the "Other" bucket.  This also happens when I randomize the answers.




I am only able to add 27 questions and after words Add Question button just grey out

Hey @Maryse Rancourt,


Reading around I have found a few Microsoft repsonses over the last year or so that all seem to differ a bit. 

It does however generally work out around the 100 number:

I think the best thing to do would be to have two different forms, a Form 1 and Form 2. Since the data is stored in Excel it is easy to combine after the fact, but you will have to figure out how to present that to your users.



@Maryse Rancourt 


I got stuck at only 12 questions but many of them were Likert items that were each the max number of rows (10).   It is quite frustrating and unintuitive finding the max size of these forms and arbitrary limits on the question elements.

I also just observed I was able to add far more blank questions vs. building the form with complete contents as I go.  I was up to 30+ questions but once I filled in the response information, I was greeted with the message I reached the max number of questions.  That also limits the usefulness since I cannot change the type of any of the placeholder questions that I initially added if I chose wrong.

Unfortunately, if you do fake out the system by adding blank questions first and populating them later, the form may not render properly when shared.  Many of my Likerts in the oversize form are missing rows or are entirely blank in the shared version even though they look fine in the design environment.  

@Maryse Rancourt I can't get past 36 questions and can't figure out what to do? Can anyone give me some advice. I seen the limit was 95. I need maybe 45 but I can't get past 36 and it's stressing me out!!!! lol