Is there a way to find out who owns a Form?


We have a URL to a Microsoft Form but we aren't sure who created it. Since the Form still works the form must belong to a group or an individual that is still with the company. Is there a way to find out who owns a Form when all you have is the URL to the Form?

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@Jeffrey Thorpe 


If you go into the Forms creation dashboard ... you might be able to see if the form is in a specific Team (but probably only if you are a member of the team will you see anything).


there does not appear to be anything in the form meta-data or in the form objects that are investigatable via PowerAutomate either.


I would suspect that your Microsoft Admin could give you a list of people that can create forms (who have a Forms license) and maybe even backtrack form the form object id.

Hi @Jeffrey Thorpe 


I agree with @CYappert that you can't find the owner with just the URL at this time.


As a long shot, you could try (and maybe have others try) the following URL and put the Form ID (e.g. ID will look something like rOkYLaMXK...) at the back of this link to see if you (or someone else) can edit the form.


If someone hits the jackpot, get them to share the form with the appropriate people to ensure you can edit the form OR use Share as a template to allow for the duplication of the form so that you/someone else can have your own copy.


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@Damien Rosario thanks! You backdoor URL worked. 

That's awesome to hear, @Teresa Wehmeier! Glad to be of service.




I don't know if it was closed deliberately or as part of the response option updates, or if it's something unique to my org's cloud instance, but the backdoor URL from @Damien Rosario doesn't work for me.

Hi @sd adm 


It may not work if you do not have edit rights to the form.


If you know who has created the form and they still have access, they can go into the form, click onto the Share button (top right of the form) and then onto Share to collaborate > + Get a link to view and edit.


Good luck!