Is it possible to move the Excel spreadsheet that a Form is synced with between document libraries?

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I have a form that has the Excel spreadsheet that it is synced with stored in the default document library of a Sharepoint Online site, and I want to move that spreadsheet to a different document library. However, when it gets moved, it seems to break the sync, because new responses don't get recorded into the spreadsheet, and trying to open the spreadsheet from Forms doesn't work (it tries to open the spreadsheet but never gets past the opening graphic). When I sync all the responses to a new workbook, the new workbook shows up in the old document library. Is it at all possible to move the response spreadsheet without breaking the sync?

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The other way around actually; you first make a spreadsheet. You can move that around and then add a form to it. 

MS Forms is still way behind Google Forms in that regard. You can even add existing spreadsheets to google forms. Get to it @microsoft 

@Laura_Canelos It is possible to move the excel spreadsheet but I've noticed that the form does not move with the spreadsheet and you have start all over again with the form. :(