Is it possible to manipulate the Web App Microsoft Forms programmatically?

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          I would like to know if it's possible to extend programmatically the functionality of the application Forms as any other application inside Office 365.

         I couldn't find any documentation Office Dev Center or other sites on the net.


        I would like to exchange data from Microsoft Word to Microsoft Forms and viceversa; and to create programmatically new Forms pages.

        Do you think is it possible?


       If not, would you please explain me why?

Thanks Lauro

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@Lauro2 no this isn't possible: it's not possible to pre-populate a form from Word or anywhere else, but you can populate a word document template from a form via a flow in Power Automate. And it's not possible to programmatically create forms.


You asked why, well the reason is that Microsoft have not given us any way to do it!


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Thanks @RobElliott  for your quick (but disappointing :cry:) answer.


So I gather that I could read texts (and images?) of the question  and  the different answers in a Multiple Choice item from a Form page and insert that text in Content Controls of a Word document. But I cannot do the other way.


Do you know where I can find information about your suggestions? In a Power Automate group?


And do you think the Microsoft police could change in a short future?