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I want to be able to impose a character limit in Microsoft Forms. Right now it seems like all I can do is force a number restriction (i.e. has to be a number, has to be less than or equal to, etc.)


For my situation, I want to force state to be a two-letter abbreviation (e.g. Colorado is "CO" not "Colorado").


I hope this functionality comes soon or someone can tell me how to do it.

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@Kelsey Yamauchi Did you find answer to this? I´m having the same problem, I would like to create forms and be able to limit the number of characters to each question. For example, when gathering information about events I need to prevent users from typing more than 250 characters. Is this possible in Forms @Nakul Madaan ?

@Kelsey YamauchiI am also trying to find an answer to this.  I want to restrict a number field to 7 characters, so that users will enter a valid phone number.  I can't find a way to do this.

Hi Kelly (@KellySoar), you need Forms Pro for this. There is an article about regex with Forms Pro  at


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