Import data from excel into microsoft forms

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I was wondering if there is a way to upload an excel doc, into ms forms, and import thata data to ms forms database?

Please let me know if there is a way to fill the questions in an ms form, with data in an excel spreadsheet?


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@nandofloresb this is not possible yet, but there is a UserVoice request for it that you can vote for here.


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@nandofloresb It looks like you can copy from Excel straight into the options and it automatically splits them out. 

Just tried selecting and copying multiple options stored in seperate XLS cells and then pasting them into the options of a question within Forms - this did not work as expected:
The content of all 5 cells was pasted into a single option. :(



It works for me if I add a new choice node, click into it, and press paste! Though it didn't work the first time I tried. It also worked when I entered something in the option, selected all text inside, and then pressed paste. 


so apparently, it does work - whether intended or not! :) 

@Overlode @Wolfgang13 

I had the same problem to paste 80 items into a selection list in Forms and discovered it doesn't work in Forms(Teams) but is does work in Forms(Office365). If you create the form in a Teams channel, you will find it also in Office365 if you select the Forms app. So, create your desired form in Teams and design your form in O365. 

Good luck! 


The vote link isn't working.

Is this now feature available?