if statement on microsoft form app

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Hallo, I've a Microsoft forms  app with 12 questions. I'd like that if the user answer correctly 10 questions he is redirected to a specific url page.


Shoud I use Microsoft flow? 


How can I do that?


Thanks Alex

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In an Ideal Scenario You should be able to define Points for Each Question.  Trigger a flow when a response is Submitted .  Get the Points of the respondent and see if it is greater that X. Then send an email to the User. 


Unfortunately  you do not get the Points scored by the respondent  in Flow  trigger whenever a Request is Submitted. You get the Response ID. Based on the Response ID, you Get the response Details.  use Conditions and Validate The response for Each Question Submitted by the user to the actual and create a score within Flow.  


Then you send the email based on the Score.  


It is a bit complex but i think this is the only simplest way as of now


Hi Maruthi, in  the condition  should I select "Elenco  di notifica di risposta ID" ? And in  the cell "scegliere  un  valore" what string should I write?











Please step by step

Thank you



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check the attachment. let me know if this fixes your issue. 

Thank you so mutch  Maruthi,  you saved me!!! 


I'd like to  add just this picture to specify that the condition are  inside the loop   "Apply to  each" 

and in "Select output..." I selected "Elenco di notifiche di risposta". As below:


Thank you again!!!!