IE11 not rendering MS Form

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Wondering why IE11 does not load MS forms input fields.

In Chrome and Edge it works as expected.

Does anyone know any more details on this one.







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Hi Fábio @fabiorocha 


I've tested my own IE11 and it works fine as a SharePoint webpart, as a standalone form and also in design mode as well.


Did you embed the form into the SharePoint page or did you use the Forms web part? If you did embed the code, I would suggest using the Forms web part instead as it's designed to display your form correctly.


1. Use the Microsoft Forms SharePoint web part.


Use the Microsoft Forms SharePoint web partUse the Microsoft Forms SharePoint web part       


2. Add existing form and provide the URL to the form (the Share button in your form designer has the link). Note that you can also choose if you want to collect responses or to show the forms results.




3. Do NOT use embed for your forms as SharePoint has a web part to manage this per the above instructions.


Do NOT use embed for your forms as SharePoint has a web part to manage thisDo NOT use embed for your forms as SharePoint has a web part to manage this


Hope that helps give you some ideas to play with.


Let us know how you go?


Cheers & best wishes


Hi @Damien Rosario 

Thanks for taking the time on this one.

I also tested in different devices with the same IE11 versions

User 01: Version: 11.592.18362.0 | Update Version: 11.0.170 (NOPE)
User 02: Version: 11.592.18362.0 | Update Version: 11.0.170 (OK)


I am still stuck on this one.



All the best Damien





Hi Fábio @fabiorocha 


Something looks a little off about your page set up.


Could you please edit the page and then edit the web part and show a screen grab of the web part and the side panel (example below)?




The Microsoft Forms webpart should operate file in SharePoint as it's designed for that use. The weird part I'm trying to work out is why it says it's in a frame.


Is your page section layout something like this?







So that you know... you're not alone here. I see this behavior all the time and it doesn't seem to be predictable.


One form will work flawlessly across browsers, versions, and platforms (mobile/desktop) and the next won't. So far I think it has to do with how the Form can't get information from the iframe/frame window as to size as this is a cross-site scripting control.


The first thing to remember is that Forms run in a different domain than your SharePoint site and tend to break cross-site embedding rules in older browsers. The next is that for small display windows (iframes in narrow columns) ... Forms often has trouble figuring out how much room it has to display and instead of converting to mobile display mode .. it often gives you the "click here" view - so as to maximize its display area.


There is probably a way to make this go away but I haven't figured out a solution across all of the browsers I need to support.


I've built a whole service desk using Forms and Flow and wanted to have it work in a popupwindow using iframes and embeds... but I eventually had to go back to ancient HTML and use Framesets to get the behavior I really wanted and it still only works like 95% of the time.

My experience has been the opposite to yours, @CYappert.


I've had no issues with Forms web part across the numerous ones that I use (also integrated with Flow in a number of cases).


Maybe someone from the Microsoft Forms team can jump in with their thoughts?