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Hi, can anyone please tell me if there is a difference between Ideas and insights of survey responses in Forms? I've not had any Ideas generated in survey responses yet but there are some insights next to some of the questions. Are these different to Ideas? Also I've noticed that the insights sometimes disappear! Is there a time limit for them? Are they only available for a certain amount of time after receiving the last responses to the survey?

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I just discovered it too. I like, but I don't see any documentation and as you said it's not available for all questions, just a random few. I wonder is this is a soft launch that we're seeing?

Thanks for posting this question @Si3SixtyFive - I've only just seen this feature too and can't work out why some questions have the Insights option and others don't.....

It is quite frustrating... would be good if someone from Microsoft could explain. The really odd thing for me is that the same insights will disappear for a while and then reappear - even when the survey has been finished for weeks! Not sure why that would happen - doesn't feel particularly stable or reliable. I wish someone from Microsoft would respond!

Hi @Si3SixtyFive,



A form that has more than 10 responses will likely to have the Ideas entry point. This is because we need enough response data to generate interesting ideas. For a form that has more than 10 responses, there’s also a chance that you do not have Ideas generated. In such case, it’s because we have not found any meaningful results to show at this point. Please keep collecting responses and come back to check! 


Hope this helps!

@Si3SixtyFive yep I just read the response but agree that the functionality should be consistent otherwise it's just confusing and as you say, not reliable. Interesting feature but isn't something I'll be using much, would rather carry out my own analysis.

Hi, thanks for that. But what is the difference between Insights and Ideas?? I have 130 responses on a survey and have some Insights but no Ideas... have Insights replaced Ideas??