How to set up a recurring survey with Forms?

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We'd like to set up a survey that before each morning meeting checked the mood of everyone in the meeting. Ideally this would be an automated survey that is triggered every morning and the graphical result posted either on the team SharePoint or in the Teams channel.


However, after much searching and fiddling with Forms and Flow (and other obscure ideas) I have not succeeded in making a Form reset every morning and to automatically display the result.


The "closest" I have managed is to use the Forms bot in the Teams channel to manually create the poll every time. But the downside is that it's manual and it disappears from the view when people chat in the channel.


Does anyone have any thoughts on how this could be possible? If possible at all?

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I personally would create a powerapp for this. But it’s not quiet as easy to do as a form but you really can’t do this with forms since the apis and what not aren’t there yet to really automate that part of forms yet.

Is this functionality available yet?

@Jimmy Sjölund is there a workaround for this yet? My team wants to send a weekly form asking "How Was Your Week" and the president receives the emails. Is there a way to automate this and make it recurring?

@jsundstrom yes it's do-able if you use a flow in Power Automate with the trigger as a recurrence schedule set to 1 week and the action is to send an email to your users with a link to the form. A separate flow would grab the responses and send them via an email to your president.


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@RobElliot "A separate flow would grab the responses and send them via an email to your president." - do you have a detailled introduction for it? I have managed weekly surveys but cannot get weekly results automatically.