How to find out who created a form


someone created a MS Form and embeded it on a sharepoint online page. The form is giving an error now but no one knows who created it and I can only find the URL to the form, nothing else.

How do I find the owner or take ownership so we can work on the form?

thank you


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@Jason_B1025 if they embedded it on a SharePoint page then you can look at the version history of that page to find out who it was. Go to Site Pages and click the 3 dots next to the page and select Version History.


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@RobElliott Thanks I was able to find out who created the form, it was a terminated employee.

I was able to reset the password and get into the account and see the form.


How do I move it to another user? When the termed employees account is deleted will the form be deleted too?



I was able to find this post about transferring ownership.


Because this users was disable, I had to re-enable and add back to AD groups. its been 24 hours but I still don't see any groups to move the form to :(


May have to open a MS ticket.... :(  

@RobElliott What is the way if it is stand alone form? Any way to check who owns the form?

@Vinaydeep Ayinapurapu sorry I don't know of any way to find out who owns a form.


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@Jason_B1025 I was able to get the ID of the user with a bit of a hack. Here are sample steps:

-Access the form using this designer direct URL<YourFormID>

-Inspect the network traces. You will find a request similar to this'v4j5cvGGr0GRqy180BHbR1ccNeVH0Y5Bias6PVDCNbZUOUg4TkZJUEswSVQ1ODhNNkpHVVlMMldPTi4u')?$select=id,... 

-The ID in bold is the AAD ID of the user
-Use Graph Explorer - Microsoft Graph to run this request to retrieve the username and email address of the owner<UserID>

This is genius! thanks for sharing, worked perfectly for finding the owner

@toszypul ... how do you know what the form ID is when you only have a html link to display it?

@arthur26... The ID is the long value right after "FormID=" in the html link, but if you are not sure where it stops, you can get the ID by clicking Share on the form (if you are the owner/creator), then copy/paste the value to a note editor, there you would see the ID aftger "ResponsePage.aspx?id=".  Hope this helps.

Hot diggity this did it! I've been trying to figure this out all morning thank you!

Hi, thanks for your guide, unfortunately I have an issue permission when I use "designer" URL, do you know what maybe wrong? THX for any help!




@MaciekPar just by looking at the screenshot it seems you might not have sufficient permissions to open the form in the form designer. I would also try to check the technical details for more insights. To confirm its a permission issue you can also ask a more privileged user (like an admin) to run the same URL and see if it works for them. 

I just found it, you don't need permission just better eyes, Thanks Tomasz!!