How to duplicate a Microsoft form with its original responses, if the form has been moved to a group

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How can I duplicate or copy a microsoft  form with all its responses. I am looking for a solution   since I can not move the form back from the group to my personal forms

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Thanks for sharing Lerato27!

There dosen't seem to be a way to duplicate while keeping the responses!

You would have to go to the three dots on the top right and click the option to get link to duplicate.

What you could do about the responses is individually download them all as a pdf under the print option!

Hope that helps and there is a way to send feedback in Forms too!


Thanks .@Godisgracious1031 What I did was move the form from my personal forms to the wrong group. Now I need to find a way to move it to the right group or move it back to my personal forms. If I delete the group, will the form go back to my personal form?

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@lerato27 it's not possible to move a form back from a group form to a personal form nor to move a form from one group to a different one. Many things that Microsoft have to resolve!


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You should suggest feedback about it on the Forms :)
copy a microsoft form with all its response

What do you mean copy response? I think you can download the questionare result as an excel file.