how to deactivate the "send another reply" link at the end of the survey

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When you finish the survey and click on "send module", under the message "thanking you for responding" to the survey, the link to send a new response appears. I think it should be optional to make this function appear to avoid multiple answers from the same person.

How can it be removed?

Thank you

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Hi @mcaviglia ,

Please click on the 3 dots at the form page. 

Then click on Settings. 


For you required configuration you should check the box "One response per person" 


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@Adir_Moshe  thank you for your answer. 


I had seen that option but I need the survey to be anonymous and above all it is external to our company.

In this case I need to check the option "Anyone can respond" and I think that in the end of the survey giving the option to send another reply should be optional to appear as a link below.


Is there a chance to make it disappear?






As far as I know that option can't be configured and its make sense because the system can't ensure that someone answer only one time without identity.
Even if you check IP, user can change his IP Address.
I am aware that I cannot prevent the user from replying a second time by being anonymous.
The only thing I do not find useful is to have "send another answer" appear under the thank you message for responding to the survey.
It could be an invitation to the person to repeat the survey, I don't find much sense. The advice is to remove that link because many managers of external clients ask us to remove it .. and the answer is the Forms system does not allow it.

Consider this a feedback! :)