How to copy or duplicate an existing forms survey from flow

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we want to schedule a survey monthly  and track the results in a list 

  • which I can do but I also want to:
  • schedule a flow task to copy a survey template , rename it  SURVEY-X MONTH YEAR
  • add in Month and year in the survey title
  • expire in 2 months


from flow currently there is no api exposed yet the copy function exists in Forms 


also (maybe) related there is a move function form the survey but there is no  other location to move the survey to ?





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@Deleted there is currently no way to copy or duplicate an existing form using Flow. This would be great to see in the future. Perhaps one to add as an idea to user voice?


The move function exists only on regular Forms, not on Forms Pro surveys (not sure which you are using). You can move your forms to make them a group form so all members of the group can edit the form as needed. This might help: