How to change the calendar date format in Microsoft Forms

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Hi All,
I have created a form and used the date control but when i click on the date to select a date it is always defaulting to America date format 04/28/2022 but i want it to me Australian format which is 28/04/2022


Where can this be changed? What do i need to do.
When i save the form to a sharepoint list the date looks ok but on the form itself its wrong


Thanks in Advance

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@Patrick Rote it's usually influenced by your browser's region/locale. For example I use Chrome, so go into Google and in the bottom right click settings -> search settings -> region settings and change it to Australia. See if that helps.


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@RobElliott I am having the same issue and my region in Google is already set to Australia. Any other ideas??

Hey Patrick, did you find a fix for this one?

@Patrick Rote I found this solution worked for me.


It's a browser setting issue.

this worked for me.


Changing the browser language is not working for me, neither in Chrome nor in Firefox. And it is really annoing, since our business partner works with google forms and it works there.

I guess the European market is bigger than US, is not? Why all the settings are fixed to US market?

Same here. I even removed English - US completely from Edge (it was number three on the preferred languages with English - UK at the top) - made no difference.

@Patrick Rote 

I had this issue and despite changing browser setting and 365 account languages I tried checking the language on the device.


Under Settings/Time & language/Language & Region is option to change Administrative language settings. Go to the Administrative tab.


Despite having everything else I could find being changed to English (UK) it appears that the "Welcome screen..." and "Language for non-Unicode..." still had entries referring to English (US).


For "Welcome screen..." click on "Copy settings...." and tick both options at the bottom then "OK".


For "Language for non-Unicode..." click on "Change system locale..." and change to English (UK) then "OK".


After restart, I now have dates in MS Forms showing as DD/MM/YYYY.


Hope this works for you too.

This worked for me too.
Thank you so much.