HELP PLEASE - You don't have permission to give others access to this file.

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Good morning Folks,


I need some assistance. I have a user who is a sales manager for my company in a different state. She shares PDF's with a variety of people every day. Recently she started seeing this error when emailing docs. A reply email will come back after sending these (and other) docs. I had her try attach those from SharePoint, OneDrive and locally from her machine, same results. After testing with one of my service desk guys, I found that the attachments do get delivered and the recipients are able to open them (Or at least the ones we tested) I have not found much about this online and was hoping someone could help me get to the bottom of this.


I cant seem to add a screenshot but the error reads exactly as follows...


You don't have permission to give others access to this file.

The message was sent, but the following people might not be able to access the file"

You could try:

*Asking the file file owner to give the recipient permission to access the file

*Sending the file as an attachment instead of a link


Note: The files were sent as attachments


Sorry for posting this here, but hours long searching on Google yielded nothing.



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Are you writing about sharing PDF through an email program?
Is it with Forms?
Has the administrator assigned specific permissions to this user?

@Traveling_Dutchman this doesn't appear to have much to do with Microsoft Forms. can you give more info about what is happening with Forms here?


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Hi there.
Yes its sharing PDF's through OWA. The user has an O365 E1 license. In this case the PDF's are marketing material. I didn't see any any specific permissions that changed over tha last 48 hours. This issue started just yesterday all of a sudden.
Hi Rob,
I am not sure where this issue stems from and I am just starting to open up this can of worms. I am amazed at how little I can find on this particular issue. I posted my question here as a last hail Mary and hopefully someone can help me in the right direction.



I think that in this Community you will get the help you need, your post is in the wrong place.

Please start discussions there, you can also try in the Outlook Community.

But if the documents are properly delivered and anyone can open them, please check what are the attachment settings in your e-mail program.