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Any idea what size works best if trying to use an uploaded image for a theme in forms? I have tried various sizes and they all look pretty bad. I wish there was a way to move the image to what part I wanted to show as well.

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Hello Natalie,


Did you to get an answer for this anywhere?


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It seems the larger the better, a 3543x1511 works pretty well, but I will test shrinking it a little.

Nope, never found any clues anywhere about this.

Hi @Natalie Swallow,


I just tried this out and the image stretches with the size of you browser. So you would have to be able to predict your browser size. This of course isn't very good.

They appear to be 1366 x 768. I downloaded one from the Forms Service

I got the same size when downloading (1366 x 768), but reproducing at same size and 72dpi, fuzzy output :(
Now trying 3543x1511.


Does anyone know what size the image that goes in the title of a form needs to be? Upload as PNG or JPEG? DPI? I have tried a lot of sizes and they all end up being fuzzy. Thanks 

I have the best luck with a square image that is 200x200 pixels

Thanks for suggesting that size. I was having trouble with fuzzy images and using the size you suggested looks much better. Wish there were more pre-built themes available for Forms.

@Natalie Swallow  the header/title image is not working. it doesn't allow you to expand image so that it fits the whole layout. The solution is to insert the image inside the first section of your form then leave the header/title section blank. See my screenshot.



@Bareng What size did you make that image inserted into the section?

@pbljenn 1366 x 768 PX

An image with a ratio of 2:1 works better.

How did you put the image inside the section with out changing his size?

@Diplomado_Ambientes After you insert the image, you must click "large" on the bottom eight hand corner of the field so that the image is enlarged and centered.

See example screenshot below.




@Diplomado_Ambientesi cannot see the icons you describe above. how do you enable it?

@siewyee  they appear after you click the image

Fantastic SOLUTION... Thank you!!!!
Awesome :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes: