Forms, speech to text and audio responses

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Is there any speech to text and audio response functionality currently builtin to Forms or anything incoming on the roadmap?


We have a customer that is currently evaluating Forms, they would like to potentially use Forms for surveys after delivering training services,  they have a number of clients with users that have learning disabilities and literacy issues.



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Hi @DMFlanagan,

Not currently, and nothing on the Microsoft 365 roadmap at

There is a uservoice open here for it

So I would recommend to vote on it and get others too in order to push it up the agenda. I have voted on it. Whilst Forms is a young app and undergoing a lot of development its really important for accessibility and inclusion to have this in there

Hope that answers your question.

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard  Thanks Christopher, really helpful! i have voted and subscribed to uservoice, fingers crossed it will eventually make it onto the roadmap.