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Could be really useful to send an e-mail when a user completes a form.



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Like really, really useful!!!! I would want the person who filled out the form to be sent an email also.
DITTO - email notification would be great!!

We are in desperate need of email notification from forms as well. -Joe

Heard this was in the backlog last year but it would be good to get an update on this.

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1.JPGHello, now form owner can receive email notification per response if he check the option as below.



Was aware of this but thanks anyway.

I think the bigger picture is the function to send a notification to the person that filled out the form. Let them know we've received the form and to send any extra information via automated email.

Would this happen to be in any backlog for further updates?

Hello, thanks for the input! We acknowledge the request, for now we do not have ETA for this feature yet. Will come back to this thread when we have plan.

Thanks, looking forward to it.

It would also be great if the respondent receives copy via email of their answer in the form

Thank you very much! Really useful!

For now it can't be done from the Forms section.


But you can do it with flow. You can make a flow that Forms sent a e-mail with the results when a user completes a form.

Would you be able to post instructions for this?


I poked around in Flow, and couldn't figure out how to tell it to use the email address as supplied on the form I created.


What I'd like is for Flow to send an email to the person who filled out the form, to the email address they provided, with a summary of their responses and a standardized message from me (i.e., Thank you, if you need more info call this number, etc etc.)


I'm super frustrated right now because I have to use this app instead of Google forms, which has MUCH more flexibility. Thanks!

I hope I can sent you tonight some instructions.

Thanks, because this is making me nuts! 

Did you use this template?




Sorry for the dutch, but this template is working fine for me and fit your needs.

It says that you want to receive an email when someone fills in the survey. But when you fill in the steps you can fill in at the  to field  the responders  e-mail adressforms 02.png




I have tested this but its not working for me it picks up the Repsonder's Eamil ID as anonymous, have you tried and it worked for you? by putting the real ID tag instead of someone email address?

Any update on this? Have been waiting for this feature a long time, wanting to use Forms but might have to stick to google forms until you guys can sort this out. Need notification for person responding to the survey!

I would like to have a special recipient to receive an email with the answer according to a field. For example according to a question "country" the country manager should receive the email. This can be done in Flow, I'm aware BUT (and it's a big but) you have to create a Case When for each option, and for each replicate the same exact configuration. There is no "Copy" tool in Flow

I too am very keen to have this function made available please. I have just this year started to arrange events overseas and I am trying to appear most professional. However in this case I am being hindered as my delegates are chasing me to see if their registration has been submitted and on several occasions they are submitting twice as they aren't sure it went through. This is messing with my attendee numbers and adding to my email work load. Please do update us. Thank you