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Good morning. I am creating a forms quiz and would like for the quiz takers to know what questions were answered incorrectly but NOT give the correct answer. If they do not pass with a certain percentage, our department would want the to take it over.  How can I turn off that function? We do not want to show the answer!  


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@jessiev75 no one can help on this? i also want to know whether it can be linked to certificate once the student passed the quiz.

@aishac80 I suspect the reason that no-one has answered the original question is that what Jessica @jessiev75 wants to do is not possible yet. And there is no way to link it to a certificate. We use Forms for a company risk assessment quiz and save the responses into a SharePoint list. One of our directors checks each response and adds the final score to a column in the list. A flow is triggered in Power Automate and if the user has passed (a score of 80% or more in our case) the flow will send the responder a certificate stored in the SharePoint documents library, and if not it will send them an email with information about  re-taking the quiz.


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