Forms Pro Form within PowerApps shows 'Fill in Form' on Andriod Device

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I have built an application within MS PowerApps that has an MS Form Pro visible and editable embedded into the application.


Filling in the form works fine from desktop/laptop internet browsers and the form is displayed correctly however, when downloading the PowerApps Android application the form now displays a message of 'Fill in the Form' and then redirects out of the PowerApps application and into Samsung Internet.


I want to keep filling out the form within the application itself so that users can fill the form out, hit the home button and then the next user can come along and do the same.


Is there a way I can stop it redirecting to a different browser and keep the form editing within the application itself?


Look forward to hearing from people on this issue I am facing!

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Hi @JordanDLance 


It may be that Android app is currently unable to interface with Forms Pro as it does in the web browser and iPhone app which is why it's probably redirecting to Samsung Internet.


Unfortunately my Samsung phone isn't cooperating for me to see if that problem is replicated with my test PowerApp so I am only speculating and I haven't seen any online posts about the issue.


Sorry I don't have a better answer for you. Hopefully someone else might know what's happening?


Best wishes


@Damien Rosario


I had a little look around and I think your right that Android doesn't interface well with MS Forms Pro as it does on iOS.


I confirmed this theory by testing the PowerApp I created on my partners iPad. The MS Forms Pro form worked the same way it does on desktop/laptop browsers.


Its a shame it doesn't work on Android in the same way as iOS. Hopefully something that Microsoft is looking into!


Thanks for your help.




Hi @JordanDLance 


Yup, that's what my tests confirmed. At least you know you haven't done anything wrong so you don't need to do any changes to your PowerApp.


Hopefully a solution will avail in 2020!


Merry Christmas and Happy new year to you and your family!