Forms Pro: can't do much with it

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It has been two days that I keep trying to send emails for testing a survey. Even though it reports that survey invitation was sent to recipients, they never receive it. Resent several times...


Does it have to do with this notice at the top of the page? "We are provisioning full service functionality including email templates, contact integration, and Microsoft Flow. You can continue to use the service and we will notify you when these features are available."

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@muralex - Forms Pro requires Common Data Service (CDS) for full integration with Power BI, Microsoft Flows, etc. We automate creation of CDS and while it is being created, we display that message. It should be created within minutes. Please send me an email at and we can help to look into your account.

@Welly Lee 


Can you help me, I am seeing the same thing for two forms now. I PM you.



@Welly Lee I am encountering the same issue.  Would you be able to assist with this?

@jdomingo57 I spoke to Microsoft on Skype, a real person and the claim is 10% of all customers are impacted. Take it with a grain of salt, 10%... I was told it would be fixed by April 15 due to a fix...We will see.

As @Welly Lee said, the issue was CDS. Our corporate Azure environment was using CDS 1.0. Once upgraded to CDS 2.0 everything worked as expected. Folks at Microsoft were very helpful.


Check out this link:

@Andy Cheuk  -- please send me an email : to check if this is related to CDS 1.0 issue

Hi @jdomingo57 -- please send me an email welly, for us to check your status

Same message today in MS Forms Pro (Responses section) we are provisioning full service functionality.


See attached screen-shot

Could you please help?




Hi Alex -- I sent you a message with information we need to investigate. Can you please send the information directly to my email address Thank you,

Hi Welly,

I am having the same problem. I created the form on Thursday 2 April 2020, and I get this error message when I try to view the results @Welly Lee 

@billy1010 - I sent you a message for information we need to investigate. Please send directly to 

@Welly Lee  Thanks Welly, the problem has been fixed! very fast the time resolution by your tech team.

My personal compliments!




I am glad the issue was resolved. Thanks for reaching out to us

@Welly LeeWe have the same issue, we not receive any email from Forms PRO; can you help us with this?

@ThoSoff  - can you send me your account information and survey URL to