Forms Poll in Teams - Looking for DEFINITIVE answer on when it works


Like many others I am using Teams more and now regularly delivering training via the medium of Teams.  One issue is Polls in teams chat.  They don't seem to work with anyone external to the organisation.  In that I can create a poll but users cant respond, its as if the poll is set to users in my organisation only.  Is there a setting I am missing?  


I am an MCT and certified in Teams & M365 Admin.  I can't find any settings in Teams policies and nothing in docs detailing limitations on the use of polls in Teams.

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@Sara Fennah 


It looks very much like this is only allowed with internal users.  I just tried a chat with an external user in Teams and the option simply isn't there.  A quick Google and glance through the obvious places in the Teams Admin Center did not yield anything obvious.  I think this may indeed need a Uservoice setting up.  :smile:

@Sara Fennah  we have the same problem. I think it isn`t possible. Do someone have another solution to integrate a poll in a training via Teams Meeting?

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Uservoice on this is at


As an alternative try Poll Everywhere, MentiMeter or Kahoot.  DOnt integrate with Teams, but you can share the link in the chat and use screen share to display results.