Forms not shown in PowerPoint after selecting Insert

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When I select the Forms option from the Insert tab in PowerPoint, it opens the Forms app but shows none of my forms or options to add new.  I thought this might be an O365 sign in issues so logged into Forms in IE and Edge but this didn't make a difference.

I saw a previous question on the licence you need to do this and the answer was that Commercial included Enterprise licences which is what I am using.

Any ideas on what Setup I am missing? PowerPoint version is 1811 click to run.


Forms Insert PowerPoint.png

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@Alan Marshall 


Ever figure this out? I have the exact same issue. Blank grey screen on right after clicking the forms add in. Oddly it seems to be network or GPO related, as it works from a home computer. I checked our firewall and IPS and nothing is being blocked, so not sure why it doesnt work from our corporate LAN.

I also have this issue. Has anyone found a solution yet?

@Alan Marshall same issue here, did you manage to solve this ? 

Same issue here.  I did determine that it is related to our content filter.  If I disable the service on my laptop for the content filter it works.  Not an option at a school though as we have to filter Internet traffic by law.

@Alan Marshall 

We are working on it, it appears that our VPN solution is blocking the connector. If we are off corporate network this works without issue.