Forms not loading

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Does anyone know why I can't load forms and why it now says that my link to the survey I produced is broken? 

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My forms is also not loading. Several of my students are unable to access it this morning too.

@SophieD  I am having the same issue this morning.  Could be a Microsoft issue.



Yeah same issue here! I'm guessing their servers are having issues! A huge pain in the behind on a Monday morning@SophieD 

Worked for me 2h ago. Now not working here in Sweden

I have just finished telling my students that they have an online 'test' through 'Forms' and now they are all telling me it is not loading!!!  #eek  I have been preparing this level 2 group for a week...  @SophieD


Really gutted as I got most of them in the call and ready to complete!  They do not all have access to technology all of the time, so it is a BIG ISSUE it is not working!!! 

I forgot to say that I am getting a 'runtime' error!!!

@SophieD Getting an application error server-side. Error code is protected so not sure what's going on. Definitely Msft's issue though.


Same issue here

Same issue here



Same issue for us - not helpful while trying to sort potential return to school.....

What a HUGE NIGHTMARE!!!  @SophieD It is difficult enough to try and get level 2 students to access College work during this difficult time, so to get ALL of my students, except two, the best I have ever achieved during this time, to be ready to access this quiz....  I'm FULLY GUTTED and frustrated!!!  I have had to ask them all to come back tomorrow!!??  As I know that taking the family laptop or taking over a space to undertake this quiz is a MASSIVE commitment for some students and families!!!


Come on Microsoft....  What's happening with this application???

None of my forms are loading either, and I can't even log-in to see the results of the surveys.

On my computer it says 'Runtime Error' and on my phone the loading wheel just keeps spinning out. So frustrating! It must be a microsoft issue.
Same in Spain.

@SophieD I'm glad to see I'm not the only one having issues! Hopefully they can get this sorted soon as there are so many educators, including myself, using this is a tool to interact with our learners.


Having the same issue. Really need it fixed because we're using forms to assess hundreds of students this week and next. Getting this message every time I try to open...

Screen Shot 2020-05-18 at 11.03.01.png

Same for me :( @SophieD 

@sophieD for us! Trying to sort return to school! 



Seems to be back up now! I'm in!


#whoopwhoop @SophieD  I'm in...  But too late now for my level 2 students!!!  #fingercrossed it will be up and running tomorrow morning!!!???