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I am having an problem adding a new form I created within a specific microsoft team. I click the + button to add "forms" it provides a pop up window where is says loading, then it loads a blank screen. The only two options I have are to press the "back" button or the "x" to exit out of the pop up window. Help? I see that there was an issue back in 2018 that was apparently resolved, but I am experiencing it now in 2019. Is it a permissions issue? Do I need to contact our admin?

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Hi @gkregan,

I have just tested it in my tenant - both adding a new and existing form. No problem here. Also no problem on service status with Forms.

Sounds like it could be an issue with licencing - I would raise this to your admins and just to double check you are licenced with Forms. I would also ask them if Forms is included if an app permissions policy has been applied to your team.

Also, prior to raising with the admin I would check the issue is persistent in the web version (login to and test) - if it is, it's a definite raise and could be one of the two issues above. If it works as expected this could be an issue with the desktop client and so try 1.) Logging out and back in and 2.) Clearing the cache ( - again if none of these work raise to your admins.

If all else fails then your admins will open a ticket to Microsoft

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard I am running into the same issue with our tenant. It does not allow me to create any new form besides the generic single question multiple answer form. It cannot pull up any of my existing forms. I have called MS support but have not made any progress. They think it is a machine issue despite informing that the issue persists on the web client, fat client and on three different machines on both Win 10 and Mac platforms.

@bipinprakash    I was having the same issue and I realized I have a Forms Pro License.    I removed the Pro License from my user and now any new form I created could then be pulled into a Team.    I do not know if this is the same for you but I thought I would share.   It seems Teams does not allow you to pull in "Pro" Forms.   

Thanks Jason. I do have a full forms license assigned to me. I was able to resolve the issue a few days ago. I believe it is a bug with the integration. I was able to add custom forms when I added it to a team when I added it as a tab on the top. What was failing was when I tried to add it via the messaging extension options towards the bottom of the chat window.
@gkregan You might want to give that a try. Thanks again Jason for your input. Should it happen again, I will give that a whirl.