Forms Jumps to the Top of the Screen

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My teams use four different Forms, and after answering each question that has branching, the document jumps to the top. The four forms have varying counts so questions (20, 25, 23, and 7), so the further along a respondent gets, the more the person has to scroll back down. Please help because this has a high impact on our company. 

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@rumbos this started happening for us as well sometime in the last week


I do greatly appreciate the extra exercise my scroll wheel finger is getting with this new feature. 
I gotta be burning an extra 10 calories a day. 
YaY Microsoft!  

I am also having the same issue with a long form that has multiple branchings. If it is going to force our users back to the top of the page each time the next question come up, the next question needs to show at the top. Otherwise, users need to be able to stay where they are on the page when the next question shows up at the bottom. If this could be fixed ASAP that would be awesome!!


I am having the same problem - and when you get upwards of 15+ questions each with branching - it tends to be quite an issue!

We are experiencing this too. We use these forms for company business every day. Hopefully @Pernille-Eskebo can fix this ASAP

@Pernille-Eskebo is there an update?

@rumbos It seems to be working now. When I do the survey, the page stays in the same position when the next question shows up.