Forms Features request

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We are using forms and really appreciate how responsive MS is to continually adding in features. So here goes...


  1. Embed images in questions (I know you are working on it but mentioning it anyway)
  2. Drag and drop question types - i.e. a list of items that must be dragged into proper order or the ability to match question to answer
  3. Questions that could accept touch or especially inked responses (we go 1:1 with Surfaces next year)


Thanks for great products!

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Hi Peter,


Thanks for your feedback. I want to understand more detail.


For #2 - Drag and Drop. What do you want to accomplish with drag and drop? Re-order your questions?

For #3 - Inked responses. For your scenario, after input with ink, do you want to see the result in ink or text?





Hi, thanks for the response!


For drag and drop I was thinking something like this:


As for inking, I think that I would ideally like both, but I was primarily thinking result as ink. This would allow inked resonses that specifically were not previously possible through keyboard input alone.