Forms - contractions issue (I'd, I'll, I'm, I've)

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Has anyone else had this issue?

When creating a "Choice" question item in a Form and you use a first person contraction (I'd, I'll, I'm, I've) in any of the response options, a red bar appears at the top with this message:  "We couldn't add the question. Please try again."  

I can use any other contaction (can't, won't, etc.) but if it involves the letter "I" followed by an apostrophe, that error message appears.  I've even tried to put a space before and after and still get it.  I have no issue with just spelling out the words; it's not a showstopper by any means, I just found this to be odd.

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I had this problem this weekend trying to create a multiple choice quiz. I was copy/pasting my text into the Form, and I would constantly get the red bar. Sometimes my stuff would save, often it woudn't. I started creating duplicates of the quiz. I found by doing that, some of my new changes would stick in the duplication process. Eventually I had a complete working quiz, and I deleted all the previous bad versions. 

Thank you for reporting this issue. This is a bug in Forms starting on 4/7. We will fix this.
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The issue was fixed last week. You can have a try again.

Yes, this issue seems to be resolved!