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1.  How can I insert a hyperlink in Forms?  Tried Ctrl-K, but it doesn't work. 

2.  Why is there very scant formatting in Forms, i.e., Bold, Italics, Bulleting, or html tags?

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Hyperlinks can be added to both the question field and the subtitle field on Microsoft Forms as well as the description field of the form. There is no special tagging needed, a URL will show as a link when the form in answer mode rather than edit mode. This can be seen using the Preview functionality,

@James Beckenham 

thanks  - yes, hyperlinks work as full urls, but is there a way to embed a hyperlink into a word or phrase? Just results in much tidier presentation.


I notice that the window I'm now using to write this post has all sorts of formatting options. Is there anything similar available in Forms?


If not, is there perhaps a list of formatting options along the lines of <bold>this<bold> type of structure?


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So ... FormsPro allows you to apply better text formatting like Bold, Italic, Color, Font, Size .....


As for links ... It looks like FormsPro also has link management within section subtitles .. but not elsewhere. I've gotten it to work sometimes .. but it doesn't seem to survive editing/saving consistently. So while you might be able to set something up .. it's unclear if it is permanent.


haven't had the time to figure out why it works and then doesn't. but you can try it.

@CYappert links management? I'm not seeing it in section subtitles. Do you have a screenshot?

@CYappert thanks, much appreciated.


Our institution doesn't subscribe to FormsPro, so it's regular Forms for the entire team – except for one new recruit who's discovered he has Pro. Doesn't make sense. Must be a glitch.



More than likely, that user signed up for a FormsPro trial. Really easy to do.


But unfortunately, Regular Forms does not allow any formatting at all.



Two in fact



I agree, this basic feature is needed in the non-pro version of Forms. I have to use the version I have through my employer, so my work-around is to simply create a bitlink to the document stored in Teams > Files. That way it looks shorter/cleaner and is still in the MS system.

@CYappert thanks! Will try.



An additional note that using a URL breaks if it has spaces in it.  I understand that is non-standard per the internet world but for internal work related links, file names to say a PDF that used a space in the filename - that won't work :(


Maybe with the pro version but the free one makes a mess of the link.



@Alec_Brown if you have a url with a space in it, add a %20 where the space is and it should work.


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Thank you for the suggestion, @RobElliott , I will try it out later this week!



@James Beckenham Thanks!

I wish they would provide a way to add descriptive links. I think Microsoft Forms are great. However, not being able to add descriptive links is an ADA compliance issue. (AKA "accessibility issue" as defined by W3C and not just "being easy to obtain or use".)  Forms users need to be able to add descriptive links, especially if those users receive or use federally funded dollars because it is a law.